January 28, 2019

Report level date picker or filter

Do you have a report with multiple pages and you don’t want to set the date or filter every time you switch to another page? Or maybe you want a filter to apply to the whole report (every page) once you set it? You can!

It’s really easy to set a date picker or filter to work on report level but, if you don’t know where to look, it’s just as easy to miss.

Set report level

Once you’ve added a filter or date range element, right-click on it. In the menu you click on ‘Make report-level’ and it magically sets on all pages. Just-a-lika-that!

It’s that easy? Yup! but again: if you don’t know where to look… 🙂

Filter or date picker disappeared?

If you have the filter component on top of another element like a rectangle or an image, it can happen that the filter or date picker disappears when you set it to ‘report-level’. It’s not really gone, it just moved to the background.

To show the element on the foreground, click on the grey area outside the page. In the right sidebar, choose ‘Layout’, scroll down to ‘Report level Component Position’ and set it to ‘Top’.

Voilà, the filter or date range component should now be visible again.

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