About Data Studio Guru

Hi there! - My name is Mark and I hail from The Netherlands. By day I work in digital marketing. By night, I embark on data visualization adventures and try to blog about it every now and then.

Simple beginnings

I probably have too many interests for my own good, including product development, (web)design, UX, and marketing. I also get weirdly enthusiastic when around data in spreadsheets, and I appreciate a good story. So naturally, I treat spreadsheets like thrilling novels - each cell is a cliffhanger. Pivot tables? They’re my plot twists. And when I create visually stunning dashboards, it’s like I’m directing an Oscar-worthy film. Yeah I'm into movies as well ;).

I created this blog to share those experiences, inspire to create stunning dashboards, visualize data and tell the stories behind all those numbers. Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) is a great and free tool to use in this endeavor. Many of the articles will focus on Looker Studio but I will also write about generating data, collecting it and transforming it into actual insights.

You could say I share my adventures crossing the data-wildlands valiantly pursuing the vision of clear insight and the interconnection between all things…

…but that would be a huge overstatement!

Instead, I see this blog as a means to vent my ideas about data visualization using Looker Studio and any other tool that we can connect to it.

Adding templates to the mix

Somewhat after starting the blog I got a DM on Twitter (the good old blue bird days) asking to build a template for Looker Studio and sell it on a third party ecommerce website. Suddenly I was making money online, completely unintentional but a welcome surprise. I created a second template and started to think about selling them through my own channels. That all worked out quite well, but then I got sidetracked. Now it's 2024 and I'm back with a refreshed website, some great templates coming up, and a bucket full of ideas to test.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Have fun reading and exploring!

Cheers, Mark

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Feel free to contact me with any questios you have related to this blog or the templates I sell.

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