July 14, 2020

Looker Studio Template - Complete digital overview for mobile

Looking for a Google Looker Studio template with which you can present your data beautifully and easily on any mobile screen? Look no further! This multi-page dashboard, containing a menu-structure that feels like a modern application, is all you need to share your website data. The Looker Studio template includes pages for Google Analytics, Google Ads, e-commerce, and Search Console.

Hit the ground running

With this template for mobile, you can simply connect your own data sources and have a dashboard up and running in no time! I have built 18 pages containing data visualizations that will all work out-of-the-box. You can select your own data sources on a dedicated page. Once you get your own copy, you can adjust, tweak, add, remove, or even build completely new pages. All blocks, images, graphs, and other elements are reusable.


Who says dashboards can’t look good or need to look like they were built in the 90s? I have tried to create a dashboard that looks like a fresh, modern application on your phone. A dashboard that you can proudly share with friends, coworkers, or your boss. And because it’s all built in Google Looker Studio, it’s right there where you can connect your favorite sources in minutes.

Customize the Data Studio template for mobile

Out-of-the-box it connects to Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Search Console for a very complete overview. You can customize and expand the dashboard to your needs. Add sources, menu-items, or combine multiple elements on new pages.

Template content

The dashboard contains the following pages:

  1. Menu page
  2. Data sources
  3. Overview *
  4. Website content *
  5. Traffic sources *
  6. Conversions *
  7. E-commerce *
  8. Google Ads *
  9. Search Console *
  10. Search Console – Pages
  11. Help

All pages with a * are actually two pages. The first page contains data compared to the previous period (POP). This means when you select for example ‘last 7 days’ the data will be compared to the 7 days that came directly before the last 7 days. It also means that when you select a full month, it will compare to a full month before the selected one. This can cause a difference in the number of days selected and thus a difference in data totals.

The second page compares the selected period with the same period last year (YOY). This is done through dates. Keep in mind that the same date last year could be a different day of the week.

Menu, data sources & help

The menu page, which is conveniently accessible via the ‘hamburger menu icon’, lets you navigate to most of the pages in the dashboard. The page where you can select any data source you have access to is also just a tap away with the ‘cloud icon’. The data source you select in the Looker Studio template will update all statistics and graphs everywhere in the mobile dashboard.

The help button, found in the menu, navigates to a page from where you can click to this documentation page. Also explained are the icons used in the mobile dashboard.


This page provides an overview of the most important Analytics data. It contains 4 sections total, starting with the helicopter view on the performance of the website. The second section shows the top 3 conversions and a link to explore conversion data further. Then follows the traffic sources, also with a shortcut. And the last section contains the user types.

Analytics data (content, sources & conversions)

The next few pages of the mobile dashboard are all based on Google Analytics data. It gives you an overview of the most popular content on your websites, the traffic sources which are important and the conversions that you have set in Analytics.

E-commerce template

The template contains two e-commerce pages (POP & YOY). It delivers a helicopter view on the sales through your website. It shows you all the statistics to get an overview at-a-glance. Transaction totals, revenue, sources of income, products sold, and even a funnel if you have enhanced e-commerce implemented.

Google Ads

The dashboard also contains a Google Ads page for exploring the results of your SEA efforts (or display for that matter). It shows you all the basics, the trends in the most important statistics, and even lets you dig into the campaigns.

Search Console

The last section of the template focusses on Search Console data. It contains blocks with graphs built-in, showing all the high-level data which you would expect from a Search Console template in Google Looker Studio. You can also dig deeper into the pages that are found and the queries which are used to find them.


1.1 2020-07-24

  • Added a ‘Data control’ page containing selectors to control the data sources that are used in the dashboard. These selectors include Analytics, Google Ads, and Seach Console.
  • Added current version info on the Help page.

1.0 2020-07-14

  • The first version live

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