January 3, 2021

The 12 Best Google Looker Studio templates - Free and premium

In this article, I will collect the best and amazing Google Looker Studio templates that are available on the web, both free and premium (paid). There are lots and lots of public templates and also some very good premium ones worth mentioning. Whenever I stumble upon a new template that I like, I will add them here. And of course, I will also shamelessly plug my very own DataStudio.Guru templates every now and then.

Looker Studio Templates by category

I will try to categorize the templates so you can quickly find a template that suits your needs. Use the navigation below to jump to categories.

In this category, you will find Google Data Studio templates that provide a general overview of your website in.

All-in-one dashboard for the big screens // by: DataStudio.Guru

This template is built with the big screen in mind. The template provides a full website overview, based on Google Analytics and e-commerce data. But there is more! It also includes your favorite marketing channels like Google Ads, Youtube, and Search Console.

It is built for the big screen. For example, you have a touch screen and want to display a dashboard on it? This is the template you need! An unused computer screen? A TV on the wall? You can make heads turn with this dashboard.

The template consists of a whopping 27 pages. It has a menu page to navigate through these pages. It also has a settings page where you can select data sources and for the data sensitive situations, there is even an option for a lock screen page.

Or read the blog post about this template here.

Google Analytics 4 dashboard // by: Data Bloo

This is a dashboard from the community gallery of Looker Studio templates. It's build on the Google Analytics 4 connector.

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Complete Digital overview for mobile devices // by: DataStudio.Guru

Looking for a Google Looker Studio template with which you can present your data beautifully and easily on any mobile screen? Look no further! This multi-page dashboard, containing a menu-structure which feels like a modern application, is all you need to share your website data, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Search Console, and e-commerce.

Or read the blog post about this template here.

Site Speed Performance // by: My Digital Lab

Did you know that Google Analytics also saves a ton of information about your website’s speed? By default, it collects this data for every one in ten visitors but you can adjust this in your tracking fragment. This dashboards helps you make sense of that data, find possible optimizations and even track individual pages.

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In this category, you will find Google Data Studio templates that provide a picture of your website in general.

E-commerce performance report // by: M13H

This report contains 8 pages of e-commerce wisdom! From general performance to acquisition attribution. From page- to product performance. It’s one of those pearls you can also find in the Community Gallery.

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Enhanced E-commerce dashboard // by: Roneet Michael

This enhanced e-commerce dashboard by Roneet Michael is a long page report with an overview and a sales breakdown. It does a good job of giving you all kinds of useful information but in my opinion, it gets a bit cluttered. Nevertheless a valuable addition to this list!

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This category is focused on Data Studio templates that connect to Google Seach Console and other SEO tools like Screaming Frog in order to give you insights into how your website is performing in organic search.

Search Console Explorer Studio v1.3 // by: Hannah Rampton

This awesome free Search Console template will provide you with many different insights into your website’s organic performance in Google. Explore queries and opportunities, filter on brand vs. non-brand, and track your results. Featured by the @GoogleAnalytics Twitter account so you know it’s something special!

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Screaming Frog Analyzer // by: IKAUE

This free Screaming Frog dashboard by IKAUE will help you better understand all the information SF is giving you. It connects to a CSV export so you will have to manually update it now and then.

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All-in-one Search Console // by: Data Bloo

This Search Console dashboard is definitely a catch. It’s got different sections and conveniently accessible filters in the sidebar to drill down on your data. That said, from a design perspective, it is a little cluttered. But if you can look past that, you will find this dashboard very useful. Unfortunately, you can’t copy this free template.

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This category is focused on Data Studio templates that connect to Google Ads.

Ultimate Google Ads report // by: Bind Media

This Google Ads template gives you extensive insights into the performance of your campaigns. It’s 5 pages jam-packed with graphs and stats which you can filter, segment, and dig deeper.

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Google Ads dashboard // by: Hexe Data

Here is one from the official Data Studio Community Gallery, the Google Ads dashboard from Hexe Data. It’s a free and simple one-pager but it provides the helicopter view for your campaigns through Google Ads. You can also filter on campaign name and device type.

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This category is focused on Data Studio templates that connect to Google Ads.

Paid Channel Mix report // by: Supermetrics

This report mixes all your paid channels into one clear overview. It uses the Supermetrics Data Studio connectors for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Binge Ads, plus the standard Google Ads connector. Like Supermetrics says: “your boss might not care which platform produces what outcome. They want to know how much is being spent vs. results in exchange”. This dashboard brings all your paid channels together.

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